Who We Are

Since 2007 we have been part of the Saugerties business community, first as Partition Street Wine Shop, a traditional wine & spirits shop, and since 2017 as Partition Street Wine Collective, a customized subscription-based wine service.

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We customize a
bi-weekly or monthly delivery
of minimally-processed and small production
wine, cider, and spirits 
based on your desired schedule
We select products for you
based on your preferred
budget, palate, and interests.

CUSTOMIZED WINE PLANS FOR INDIVIDUALS start at $50/mo and are built in $50 increments.  

  • Choose your wine budget or how many bottles you would like per month.
  • Each $50 includes 2-4 bottles of minimally-processed wine and cider.
  • Spirits are available upon request for an additional fee.  

$50 per month: 2-4 bottles
$100 per month: 4-8 bottles
$150 per month: 8-12 bottles
$200 per month: 12+ bottles
$250+ per month: custom

MINIMALLY-PROCESSED WINES are grown and produced as agricultural products, i.e. food! There is minimal use of chemicals in farming and production, including pesticides and herbicides, copper, sulfur, and other additives. Included under the umbrella of minimally-processed are more specific categories:

SUSTAINABLE FARMING practices tell us something about how the grapes used in the wine are grown. Often…To be continued

ORGANIC FARMING can be practiced or certified by an organization that requires strict adherence to agricultural practices that requires

BIODYNAMIC FARMING is based on the philosophy and methodology of Rudolf Steiner, from his writings at the turn of the 20th century. Biodynamics incorporates organic farming and also focuses on the health of the soil. Practices like

NATURAL WINE is farmed organically or biodynamically and made without adding or removing anything in the cellar. “The result is a living wine – wholesome and full of naturally occurring microbiology.” –Isabelle Legeron – Natural Wine: an introduction to organic and biodynamic wines made naturally.