Custom Subscriptions


Our subscription boxes start at $50/month and are customized to your interests, eating and drinking style, budget, and schedule. We create a beautiful box in the shop to store your bottles, or we deliver a box to your home.

Subscriptions are built in $50 increments, and each $50 box contains 2-4 bottles of wine.  e.g. $100=4-8 bottles, $150=8-12 bottles, etc.

Weekly, twice per month, and monthly pickup/delivery options are available.  This means any $100/month or larger subscription can be split into smaller, twice per month or weekly boxes.  E.g. $100/mo as 2-4 bottles twice per month, $200/mo subscription as 2-4 bottles per week or 4-8 bottles twice per month, etc. You choose!

We extend our greatest savings, as well as add some extra value to our custom subscriptions.  As a Collective, the more customers for whom we buy, the more wine we buy, the better our prices get.  We extend these savings to our Collective by offering the lowest prices we can, which can be $1-5 below our regular retail pricing. Subscription customers also get additional value added based on how often they pay. Monthly, quarterly and annual payments earn 10%, 15%, and 20% more wine respectively. For example, a $100/mo subscription paid monthly earns an additional $10 in wine,  quarterly earns $15 and annual payers earn $20 more wine each month.  There is no more affordable way to buy wine that is chosen just for you.

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We deliver within 50 miles of Saugerties, NY.